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Server options

Dedicated Server Options

Digitalhost can provide an array of upgrades and options for your new server. If your requirements are not listed here please contact us for a free quote.

Control panel options

With our dedicated servers you get your choice of Web Based Control Panel installs! Web Based Control Panels allow not only the easiest administration and security of your server, but also a great interface for your customers! There are many to choose from.

Please note: Webmin/Usermin is the only free Control Panel. All the others have some sort of cost associated, either a monthly fee or a One Time Fee (otf). When filling out our order form, please select the control panel you would like. Email us if you would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of any of the control panels.

Control panel Additional info Demo Cost
DSM Yes $25 to $55 Monthly
Ensim No $129 to $199 OTF Linux
Plesk Yes $25 Monthly and up Linux
CPanel Yes $49 month* Linux/FreeBSD
HostGui Yes $600 OTF Linux
HSphere Yes $550 and up OTF Linux
Hosting Director Yes $500 OTF Linux
Helm webhostautomation Yes $59 monthly Windows
Webmin, Usermin, Hostmin Yes FREE Linux
Hosting Controller Yes $600 OTF Windows
DirectAdmin Yes Free to $39 month Linux

Server upgrades

Memory upgrades

Add ram in increments of 512MB up to the limit of the servers motherboard to any dedicated package for one time $185 fee $299 for ECC..

Added I.P. Addresses

Additional IP's are available at $2/month for each IP with no setup fee.

Bandwidth upgrades

Extra bandwidth is available at the rate of $2/GB/month with no setup fee or upgrade to premium bandwidth (burstable to 100Mbs) for $199.00 per month.

Server management service

Digitalhost can manage your server for you if you do not have any experience in dedicated server management. Prices start at only $55 per month if you are hosting a single site. Digitalhost will keep up with the latest in security and will turn the server over to you so that it is setup just like a shared account. Digitalhost handles everything from the DNS to software upgrades and more.

Premium monitoring services

NEW! Digitalhost has uses a technologically advanced automated monitoring system with the ability to monitor any IP and most an service on any IP, and the ability to contact you up to 8 different ways including telephone, fax, email, pager and more. With this service you can eliminate the need for you having to make sure everything on your server is up and running all the time. Let our automated system take care of it for you!

  • $55 per month per IP per service, plus $25 one time setup.
  • $55 per month for automated hard rebooting, $150 one time setup.

Remote power option

Add a remote web browser controlled power outlet/switch to any dedicated server for $70 one time setup fee and $15 a month. This enables customers to do a hard reboot from any remote location.

Backup options

NEW! Digitalhost runs backup servers on our internal network for our clients to backup to as often as they like.

  • The cost is $40/month/5gb with no setup fee.
  • Note: This is only secondary backup space, customer must actually perform their own backups to this space. This does not include performing the actual backup.

Hardrive options

  • Add a second hard drive to your server for either a one time $200 fee plus $15 per month.
  • Upgrade your server to a 70.3 GB SCSI hard drive for a one time fee of $440.
  • Upgrade your server to a SCSI RAID. Contact us for pricing

Personal training

New to dedicated servers? Need some extra help? Now you can have a Tech call you and give you personal one on one training! Most people can learn the basics of server system administration in just one hour. Personal training is $95 per hour and we pay for the call.

Server Farm Load Balancing and Fail-Safe Options

NEW! Need the ultimate in redundancy and speed? Go with a digitalhost Server Farm. A Server Farm consists of at least 2 servers each connected to a Server Farm device (such as a Foundry ServerIron) which controls the load balancing and fail-safe modes of the server farm. Under normal circumstances, traffic is split between the two servers (in the proportions the client selects) increasing the speed your site(s) is(are) served. If one server should happen to fail or is taken down for maintainence, the other server(s) will automatically pick up all the load resulting in 100% uptime!

To do a load balancing solution, at least 2 servers are required and a setup fee of approximately $400 (depending on the number of servers), and a monthly fee of approximately $400 depending on the number of servers and traffic requirements. Email or call us for a specialized quote. Please note this is not a solution for virtual hosting companies, this is geared towards a single or a few sites too large to be served from one server.

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Get a quote on the options and upgrades available for your new server. Please include detailed information on your requirements.
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